Our dog show training and handling classes are here to get you ring ready for AKC or UKC breed conformation events. As part of our lessons you will improve on:

  • Handling your dog

  • Gaiting your dog 

  • Helping your dog on the table or ramp

  • Conditioning for judges exam 

  • Deciphering your dog's breed standard 

  • Bombproofing your dog regardless of what's around the ring


We welcome all breeds and ages to join (as long as they are eligible to show). Great for introducing puppies, refinement work, and stepping up your game! And best of all ... we have flexibility to hold lessons indoors or outside so participants can prepare for outdoor summer shows!

Lessons are held OUTDOORS on THURSDAYS at 6:30PM at the K9ology Center in Sperryville.


Does my dog have to be registered to participate? 

Yes! Your dog must have FULL registration with AKC or UKC in order to attend a breed conformation event. Limited registration can only be shown in Junior showmanship. 


Are juniors welcome to join?

Absolutely! If you have a junior handler looking to practice with their dog - we welcome you! 


My puppy is not old enough to show - can we still come?

Yes! Getting your pup used to ring procedures and handling prior to the ring is a great way to teach your dog that it's fun to show! Set them up for success in a fun and low key environment. 


Do I need any special equipment?

It is conventional to use a show leash (thin lead) and either choke chain, martingale chain, fabric choker, or fabric martingale for exhibition. This is so that the dog's outline is not hindered by the leash. We'd be happy to tell you more in class! 


What if it rains?

Since lessons are held outdoors, class will be cancelled for the day in the event of rain. You can follow us on Facebook for class cancellation updates, or call our main line at 540-987-6327 where an automated message will update you on any cancellations.