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We love to share helpful resources! This section is specifically design to help dogs and puppies acclimate to a variety of sounds and noises. This is critical for puppy socialization, helping anxious dogs adapt to thunder or fireworks, and help introduce your rural pup or bird dog to gun shot.


Sound sensitivity is a common behavioral flaw causing dogs signs of stress, fear, and anxiety. Severity may be as mild as a dog giving subtle body cues, or as advanced as phobia - causing dogs to bolt or flee out of shear (unreasonable) fear. 

Some dogs are sound specific - such as thunderstorm, gunshot, or firework phobia. All these conditions may have a genetic influence to their behavior. In extreme cases, pharmaceutical assistance may be required to help the dog adapt around these triggers. 

Other dogs are hesitant, insecure, or simply lacking early socialization and structured, positive exposure to a variety of sounds. For those dogs, remedial socialization, counter-conditioning, and acclimation exercises can go a far way in relieving stress to triggers. 

Sound and Noise Library

We have a selection of sounds, noises, and tracks available to play to better help acclimate your dog. Here's a few things to remember:

  • Start off with a low volume (barely audible), then slowly increase the intensity over the course of 2-3 weeks 

  • Play sound before feeding dog meals, when initiating play, and use real world exposure (at a distance) to help form positive associations 

  • Use confidence building exercises, play with tricks, and ensure you keep things upbeat and fun around loud noises 

  • Avoid trigger stacking (multiple triggers at once) and use proactive management to prevent further negative experiences or associations

Fireworks Sounds
Wind and Chimes

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