We are happy to help show you the ropes of AKC breed conformation. Learn how to handle your dog including: gaiting, stacking, and examination. Your dog will learn to accept a judge going over them and how to gait correctly for proper movement. 

We are happy to get you ready for your first show regardless of age, experience level, or goals! 



Every hunter is only as good as their dog. ​Whether you are looking forward to duck season with your lab, or would like to hunt upland birds with your pointer, we can help you get there! For the deer hunter, teach your dog how to track wounded game as a sure backup next season. We will teach you foundations and skills to get your spaniel, retriever, setter, or pointer into the field. 



Not all dogs or handlers thrive in a group setting, others prefer the more intense nature of one on one lessons, whereas others choose to do a rotation of a variety of events. We can book a private program to get you started in a variety of AKC performance events, including: trick dog training, agility, rally obedience, dock diving, and more!



Our 8 month intensive trainer-guided program helps you train the service dog of your dreams! We will work alongside your condition and symptoms to ensure your dog is a vital asset to your overall health and wellbeing. ​We have trained service dogs for: 

  • Hearing Assistance 

  • Mobile Assistance / Brace Work 

  • Psych Assistance Dogs 

  • PTSD Assistance Dogs 

  • Autism Assistance Dogs 

  • Fibromyalgia Assistance Dogs 


Our program includes everything required for a service dog: 

  • Impeccable obedience and manners 

  • Public Access Skills in different environments 

  • Specialty tasks trained to suit your needs 

As part of the program, owners will work alongside a certified professional to achieve training goals. At times, the trainer may work the dog more intensively on a drop-off basis to advance or fine-tune behaviors. Regular outings in real world situations is an integral part of this process. Travel including by bus, train, and plane is included in this program. 

All individuals interested in service dog training must have a letter with an explicit diagnosis and need for a service dog in order to be considered for this program. All our graduates meet the national ADA and Virginia local government requirements for service dogs. We do NOT train / provide services for emotional support dogs.