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We welcome dogs and owners of all ages and skill levels to participate in our agility lessons! Use your K9O Club credits, or select our pay-as-you go option to participate!


Agility training is a fun and challenging activity that involves navigating dogs through a series of obstacles such as jumps, tunnels, and weave poles. This type of training not only helps to improve a dog's physical fitness and coordination, but also enhances their mental sharpness and concentration.


Through positive reinforcement and reward-based methods, dogs learn to follow their handler's commands and tackle each obstacle with precision and speed.


Agility training builds a strong bond between dogs and their owners, building trust and teamwork. It is a great way for dogs to channel their energy and unleash their natural instincts, making it a fun and engaging activity for both dogs and their owners.

Our 45 minute lessons are held outdoors on Saturdays at 10:00AM. Limited to 6 participants. 

Requirements for registration:

Participants must have successfully completed our Basic Manners class or a minimum of 3 private lessons in order to join. Dogs must be up-to-date on Distemper, Rabies, and Kennel Cough vaccines. Not suitable for dogs with an aggression history. 


  • Sat

    45 min

    35 US dollars
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