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Do you allow kids, spouses, partners, or other family members to take part in lessons?

At K9ology we believe the more people are involved in raising the dog - the more you will have consistency and get the results you want. We are happy to welcome family members to join in on lessons. Children of all ages may come for private lessons. Respectful children 8 years and up are welcome to assist in training with the assistance of a parent or guardian. 

If I miss a lesson in my group class, can I make-up the lesson in another? ​

No. If you are unable to come, please have a friend or family member bring the dog. We do NOT allow participants from one class to make-up a missed lesson in another class. If you are unable to commit to all weeks, you may want to sign up for a different start date, or consider private lessons.

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered in order to participate in training? 

NO! ​We will not refuse service just because your dog is intact. We welcome male dogs with their full equipment, and females with full anatomy. Please see below about bitches in season. 

My female dog just came into heat, what do we do?

Acclimate your pup to wearing a diaper and bring them! This will help keep odor contained and minimize distraction to other dogs in class. 

I can't find my dog's Rabies Certificate - is the tag enough? 

No. Unfortunately a tag is not sufficient as it does not give the date the vaccine was given or expiration - only the year it was administered. It also does not indicate if the vaccine was given as a 1 year or 3 year dose. It is a state requirement by law for us to have an up-to-date certificate on hand. Please contact the veterinarian or rescue who gave the vaccine for a new copy. 

I have joined a group class, but it's not an ideal training environment for my dog. What do I do now?

Due to our small class sizes we do not issue refunds for registration of group classes. If you are not sure if your dog is a good fit for a group setting, please take our Group Class Assessment prior to signing up. If your dog is fearful, shy, or showing signs of aggression - then a group setting is not appropriate for your dog and we will recommend private lessons. We are all individuals, your dog is too! 

Can I enroll more than one dog in training? ​

Yes! In private lessons we are happy to work with multiple dogs from the same household! For group classes, dogs must be individually registered in order to participate and have one human handler per dog. Looking for a semi-private option for yourself and family or friends? Contact us to get a quote!

Do you offer a guarantee? 

What do you even mean? We are working with live animals here!
When purchasing training lessons, you are investing your time and money in an education. Our job (as trainers) is to teach owners how to communicate and work with their dogs towards training goals. There is no guarantee when learning a skill set - as it takes time, patience, and owner commitment. This can get even more complicated when household dynamics are inconsistent, or family members do not partake in the training. Just like a baseball player may become an all star, or may end up stuck in little league - it is ultimately practice (or a lack thereof) that dictates the outcome. Results are about time, patience, and practice ... and that part of the process is the sole responsibility of the owner or handler. We can teach you how to get there - but you must put in the work. 

Other companies may boast lifetime guarantees and promise results. These are mostly marketing gimmicks and sales tactics. We operate a transparent business and are happy to answer your questions throughout your training, without the need to sugar coat our services with false claims. 

Do you offer home training lessons? 

Yes! We have limited availability for at home lessons. We offer 3, 5, 8, or 12 lesson programs based on the needs of you and your canine. We can come to you for a travel fee - or meet you at a local park if we are unable to visit your home. 

What payment methods do you accept? 

We are happy to accept cash, check, or credit card payment. Our preference is to send you an online Square invoice for services rendered. You can also make a purchase for a group class through our website at registration. 

My dog was denied entry to a class or service due to training history. How come? 



On rare occasion, we find that a dog may not be suitable for our services due their training history. Unfortunately, not all training methods are compatible. Your dog may not be suitable if you have used a training establishment which advocates the use of force, fear, intimidation, alpha philosophy, or shock collars as the primary method of training. 


Trainer Hopping 

Some owners work alongside multiple trainers. We find that this approach causes confusion for the dog, and inconsistency for the owner. As a result, we prefer if clients stick with one training approach to ensure continuity in quality of care and services provided. We consider our selves positive reinforcement-based balanced trainers. 


Underlying Behavior Issues 

If your dog has a history of aggression, fear, or anxiety, a group class setting may not be appropriate to address the issues at hand. It can be disruptive to other participants, and stressful for your dog. We suggest setting up private lessons to address any behavioral issues before considering a group setting. 

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