The K9ology Center is an award winning dog training organization based out of Sperryville, Virginia. Our staff of certified professionals lead a variety of group and private training programs. We are here to help with: puppy training, obedience and manners, curbing nuisance behaviors, and modifying fear and anxiety-based problems.  We also specialize in breed conformation, rally obedience, agility, nosework, and other AKC events. 


Learn how to speak dog, how to manage unwanted behaviors, and how to redirect and train your dog with science-based methods. Our focus is on teaching solid communication between dog and owner for long lasting results. We recommend a variety of tools based on your dog’s age, skill level, and temperament. Our least intrusive, minimally aversive methods are fear-free! We are here to coach you through exercises specifically design to ensure success at home, and in the real world.


We offer a variety of programs to suit your goals, lifestyle, schedule, and budget. 


Our private lessons are great for dogs with specific issues, and owners who need more flexible scheduling. Great for getting the whole family involved, problem solving situations, and improve on handling skills through one on one instruction. We are happy to make a recommendation and customize a program to meet your goals. 


Group lessons offer a solid foundation to any dog’s education. If your dog is not fearful, aggressive, or anxious - then a group class may be a good fit! Our semi-private 4 week programs are limited to 4 participants! This means owners get extra individual attention while also working on socialization and distractions. 


For those die hard owner/handlers, we offer our K9O Club program. Similar to a gym membership, club members receive exclusive budget-friendly class options for manners, agility, rally obedience, therapy dog training, and more! Members also receive special discounts on seminars and events! Ideal for owners who need help staying on track with their training, looking to connect with like-minded dog lovers, or itching to escape the stress of daily life by working with their dog! 


In addition to our premier dog training services, we also stock our K9O Shop with a variety of quality tools, treats, toys, and accessories. All items are carefully curated and recommended by our canine professionals. 


Coming soon! K9ology Walking and Pet Care Services! 


Our training methods are based on the science of learning. Let us show you how to use rewards, communication, redirection, and handling skills to improve your relationship with your dog!

We may train dogs - but we teach people too! Helping owners master handling skills, learning how to work alongside your dog, and setting up for success is key to good training! 

From champion show dogs to pound puppies - we work with dogs of all breeds, ages, sizes, and skill levels. All it takes is a dedicated owner who is eager to learn!


Our job is to teach humans how to effectively work alongside their dogs to reach their optimal training potential. Our focus is on strengthening the human-canine bond through patience, consistency, and effective communication. 

We provide a variety of group classes and private one on one services to meet the needs of people and their pups. Our expertise in behavior and training will ensure each team progresses based on their abilities and speed. 

Our force-free training approach is effective and fun! Train your way to success by working through a variety of distractions and environments. Our certified professionals are here to provide quality service you can rely on - to all two and four legged participants.