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Puppy evaluations and litter assessments are a useful tool to ensure dogs are appropriately matched with their potential homes, sport, or activity. 

Puppy Evaluation

Not sure of your puppies potential? A puppy temperament evaluation is a great tool to evaluate your puppies behavior traits including:

  • Sociability to strangers 

  • Motivation and Drives (food, play, social)

  • Play and Engagement

  • Flexibility / Neuroplasticity to novel stimuli

  • Sounds Sensitivity 

  •  Behavior for Handling and Restraint 

  • Containment / Confinement 

  • And so much more! 

This is the ideal option for owners who are training a show prospect, performance prospect, or potential service dog candidate. Also useful for owners who have just adopted a new puppy and would like further feedback. 


Litter Assessment

Our litter assessments are an invaluable tool to help breeders place pups with their best possible match!

Our modified Volhardt test incorporates many elements of the original assessment protocol, with a more in depth approach to exercises aimed to evaluate neuroplasticity and adaptability to different environments. 

Upon evaluation of each pup, breeders will receive a Puppy Eval Form which will outline each dog's strengths, weaknesses, placement recommendations, deviations of temperament for the standard, socialization protocols, and more! 



It was so fascinating to see the dynamic in the litter and the difference in how they act in an environment they don’t know compared to how they act at home. It was eye-opening! I feel it is an excellent tool when trying to place the right puppy into the right home. It is something that I will continue to do with my litters. I had such a pleasant experience at The K9ology Center, and Charlotte Wagner was informative and took her time with each puppy and explained the process. All in all it was a wonderful experience
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