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We are all about pampering your dog for a slow-stress and enjoyable grooming experience. Unlike traditional salons, we provide one-on-one care from start to finish rather than working dogs on rotation throughout the day. The benefits of our service include:

  • Shorter turn around times with less waiting in the salon (we have a 3 hour max per dog)

  • Low stress handling techniques and acclimation training to the grooming process 

  • Designated one on one time with the groomer from start to finish 


Our goal is to ensure your dog is safe, relaxed, and enjoying the grooming experience! 

STARTING June 1, 2023 - the K9ology Center will be offering grooming services by appointment!


Our MAINTENANCE BATH grooms include: 

  • Degreasing, cleansing bath 

  • Hydrating conditioner to restore hair 

  • Hand blow dry with forced air 

  • Finishing Brushing 

  • Toe Nail Trim 

Our DESHED BATH grooms include: 

  • Initial Brush and De-Bulk

  • Degreasing, cleansing bath 

  • Deshed bath to loosen hair 

  • Deshed conditioner to hydrate and loosen hair 

  • Hand blow dry with forced air 

  • Finishing Brushing and deshed with rake 

  • Toe Nail Trim 

Add any additional services to your groom based on your pet’s needs! We offer feet and sanitary trims, anal gland expression (external only), teeth cleaning, and ear cleaning upon your request. 


We do not currently provide de-matting services, full styled haircuts, shave-downs, or Doodle trims. 


Puppy grooming, and dogs with special behavioral needs, are groomed on an hourly rate of $75 per hour with a maximum of 3 hours per groom. This includes dogs who experience fear, anxiety, or aggression during grooms, and those pups new to the process. We will adapt our grooming plan based on your dog’s individual temperament and needs to ensure a positive experience with the grooming process. 


Hand stripping for Terrier breeds and mixes is charged at $85 per hour with a max of 3 hours for grooming. Each stripping client requires a basic bath as part of their scheduled appointment. 


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Having a Bath











Feet and sanitary trim $20

Toe Nail Trim* $15+

Ear Cleaning $10

Tooth Brushing $10

Additional Dirty Dog Bath $15

Additional Brushing per 15 mins $15

Full Body Massage $15 

*All bath dogs receive a toe nail trim as part of our standard care. Dogs who experience extreme difficulty when handling may be serviced with an hourly rate. 


At what age should my puppy come for their first groom?

Early socialization, acclimation, and training for the grooming process begins as early as 8 weeks of age! The earlier you can schedule your pup for their groom, the better! We require pups to have a minimum of 1 Distemper/Parvo vaccine for puppy grooms. 

What vaccines do you require for grooming? 

We require all dogs to be up-to-date on Distemper and Rabies vaccines at time of service. We recommend Bordatella, Flu, and Lepto vaccines, but they are not a requirement. 


How long after you are finished grooming can my dog stay at the salon?

We expect owners to arrive on time for pickup. We will give you a call 30 mins prior to finish so you can plan your travel accordingly. If you need your dog to stay beyond that, we would be happy to arrange a boarding for an additional fee prior to your appointment. 

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