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We are all about pampering your dog for a slow-stress and enjoyable grooming experience. Unlike traditional salons, we provide one-on-one care from start to finish!


With one-on-one grooming, your dog receives dedicated attention from the groomer, ensuring they are comfortable and relaxed throughout the grooming process.

Some dogs may become anxious or stressed in a crowded grooming salon with multiple dogs. One-on-one grooming eliminates the presence of other unfamiliar dogs, creating a calmer and more peaceful environment for your pet.

The groomer can focus solely on your dog's individual requirements, taking into account their specific breed, coat type, and grooming preferences.


In conventional grooming salons, there can be long wait times before your dog's turn on the grooming table. With one-on-one grooming, your pet receives undivided attention and there is typically no waiting around!

One-on-one grooming allows your dog to develop a closer relationship with the groomer. Over time, this can help build trust and make future grooming sessions more enjoyable for your pet.

There are many benefits to one-on-one grooming, and our prices reflect this personalized care. However, the individualized attention can greatly outweigh the additional expense for dog owners who prioritize their pet's comfort and well-being.




This option is ideal for short coated breeds and puppies!

  • Degreasing, cleansing bath 

  • Hydrating conditioner 

  • Hand blow dry with forced air 

  • Finishing Brushing 

  • Toe Nail Trim 



This option is ideal for medium and long haired breeds with double coats.

  • Initial Brush and De-Bulk

  • Degreasing, cleansing bath 

  • Deshed bath to loosen hair 

  • Deshed conditioner to hydrate and loosen hair 

  • Hand blow dry with forced air 

  • Finishing Brushing and deshed with rake 

  • Toe Nail Trim 

Happy cute poodle Dog getting groomed at salon. Professional cares for a dog by Groomer's


This style aims to give the dog a cute and youthful appearance, similar to that of a puppy. The grooming process includes trimming the hair all over the body to a specific length, with slightly longer hair left on the head and ears. The fur is usually shaped into a rounded silhouette, emphasizing the dog's facial features and giving it a playful look.


Puppy style clip grooming not only enhances a dog's overall appearance but also helps to maintain their hygiene and comfort by keeping the fur neat and manageable.

Pet groomer shaving dog with electric shaver machine. Animal grooming service at veterinar


This type of grooming style involves trimming the hair on the body and legs of the dog to a shorter length, while sometimes leaving the hair longer on the head and ears. It is a popular choice for active and athletic dogs, as it helps to prevent matting and keeps the dog cool during hot weather.


This style is especially suitable for dogs with dense or thick coats, as it reduces shedding and makes grooming sessions more manageable. Overall, short sport dog clip grooming is a practical and stylish option for maintaining a well-groomed appearance for your furry friend.

Trimming the Fur


In addition to our bathing services, we offer extras a-la-carte: 

  • Toe Nail Trims

  • Dremel / Toe Nail Grind

  • Anal Gland Expression (external only) 

  • Ear Flushing 

  • Feet Trim

  • Sanitary Trim 


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At what age should my puppy come for their first groom?

Early socialization, acclimation, and training for the grooming process begins as early as 8 weeks of age! The earlier you can schedule your pup for their groom, the better! We require pups to have a minimum of 1 Distemper/Parvo vaccine for puppy grooms. 

What vaccines do you require for grooming? 

We require all dogs to be up-to-date on Distemper, Rabies, and Bordatella vaccines at time of service. We recommend Canine Flu, and Lepto vaccines, but they are not a requirement. 


How long after you are finished grooming can my dog stay at the salon?

We expect owners to arrive on time for pickup. We will give you a call 30 mins prior to finish so you can plan your travel accordingly. If you need your dog to stay beyond that, we would be happy to arrange daytime boarding for an additional fee prior to your appointment. 

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