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Our trainer-guided program is a custom approach to training the ideal service dog candidate. We work with a variety of disciplines and will cross train to help with: psych assistance, mobility assistance, medical alert, and more!

Train your own Service Dog!

  • Weekly lessons for 8 months / 28 lessons 

  • Customizable based on your individual needs, lifestyle, and home environment 

  • Program covers: obedience and manners, public access training, and specialty tasks

  • Includes 3 field trips including public transport such as: planes, trains, and taxis 

  • Get fully certified based on Virginia State Code and ADA standards with our 3 hour exam after completion of our program



Our trainer guided Service Dog training program offers affordable alternatives to purchasing a pre-trained candidate. As part of the process, we will work on custom options based on your individual needs. We train service dogs for a variety of conditions including: 


  • Medical Alert: Seizures 

  • Medical Alert: POTS

  • Medical Alert: Hearing Impaired 

  • Medical Alert: Vision Impaired 

  • Mobility Support: Brace work, retrieves, or stability 

  • Psych SD: Autism Support 

  • Psych SD: PTSD / Panic Disorder

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Charlotte cares so much about her clients, both human and dog. As a service dog trainer, I could not recommend her enough. She understands the underlying behavior that drives your dog, and translates that into a program to get results. She is especially sensitive to people with disabilities and adjusts her training to accommodate you, which I greatly appreciate.

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