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Our certified trainers are excited to get your pup started on the right paw! The K9O Bootcamp programs are the ideal training option for owners who have trouble committing to daily training, and dog's requiring consistent feedback to improve overall performance.


Upon completion of our boarding programs, owners receive 2 follow-up lessons to help guide them through their dog's new skills and improve handling. Our hybrid approach of intensive training, followed by our follow-up private lessons with the owner, ensures a smooth transition for everyone! 

Each Bootcamp attendee receives a variety of exercises throughout the course of their stay with full utilization of our facilities and training environments. Our Foundations course takes your dog's skills in various settings of the training center, whereas our Advanced and Pro packages include outings to a public place (hardware store, Coop, local park, local trail, etc). 

We will supply all training materials based on the level and skills for your program. We kindly ask owners to bring their dog's own food to prevent potential stomach upset and an article of clothing or bedding with a familiar scent.

Please Note: Bootcamp programs are not suitable for dogs with a history of aggression, anxiety, separation issues, compulsive behaviors, or general reactivity. Each session allows for a maximum of 2 participants. so spaces are limited!

Found BootC

- $2,800 -

Mountain Peak
  • This 2 week program introduces your dog to formal training through basic obedience and manners exercises. Your dog will learn skills such as:

  • Name Recognition and Focus

  • Sit 

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Wait

  • Come 

  • Loose Lead Walking

  • Integrating Play into Training

All foundation level exercises are conducted on leash, or using a long line unless in a contained space. 

This program uses primarily positive reinforcement to instill commands. We want your dog to be motivated to perform! 

Your dog will be worked through easy to moderate level distractions in our training room, play yard, and exercise yard.  

Ideal for teaching basic commands and control for puppies, dogs with little or no training, or those requiring trouble shooting for control. 

Let us do the heavy lifting, then learn to pilot your dog with our follow up lessons!

- $2,800 -


If your dog already has a solid foundation, then it's time to introduce more complex concepts and impulse control! As part of our 2 week Advanced program we offer:

  • Place Training 

  • Leave It / Disengagement

  • Down vs Settle Down 

  • Advanced Loose Lead Walking

  • Recall with distractions

  • Review of foundation commands with distance

  • Integrating play and life rewards into training

  • Trouble shooting problem areas

Exercises will be conducted on leash, and off leash in a controlled setting.

This program uses a combination of positive reinforcement, and pressure work through negative reinforcement to fine-tune commands!

Dogs will be exposed to a variety of distractions and stimulating environments including our agility yard, farm, and one public outing!

This program is ideal for dogs who have had some training, but could use a refresher - especially around distractions! An optimal way to fine tune commands, increase difficulty, and instill advanced compliance! 

- $2,800 -

Mountain Peak

This 2 week program is for serious skills and compliance both on and off leash. We introduce E-Collar training alongside positive reinforcement to refine and improve results. You dog will learn the following skills:

  • Review of Foundation and Advanced skills using the E-Collar including 'leave it' and place 

  • Heel Work vs Loose Lead Walking 

  • Off leash compliance for: wait, stay, and recall

  • Integrating Life Rewards into training 

  • Advanced Distractions

  • Recall off Distractions 

As part of this program the dog will be worked both on and off leash, with the ultimate goal being freedom with compliance (off leash exercises restricted to our agility and play yards). 

Dogs are worked in a variety of settings with advanced distractions including around our livestock farm and two public outings! 

Dogs will work on: 

  • Increased duration of commands 

  • Stop! Command 

  • Generalize Place (towel, car, etc) 

Dogs should have a basic understanding of foundation and advanced commands before E-Collar utilization. 

Our approach to using remote training tools is to ensure no pain, fear, or intimidation is caused by using the lowest level needed to get your dog's attention. 

- Price Quoted Individually, 7 DAY MINIMUM -


Build your own 2 week program with custom solutions based on your individual goals and needs. This option is ideal for specialty training such as: 

  • Puppy Training

  • Service Dog Training

  • Show Dog Prep for the Ring

  • Bird Dog Training 

  • Therapy Dog Training 

  • Preparing for Baby's arrival 

  • Impulse Control Issues 

We will work your dog in whichever setting is most conducive to their needs and your goals. 


Training methods will be suggested on an individual basis, but - as always - our focus is on positive, fun, learning opportunities for you and your pooch. 

Talk to us about your needs and goals and we will be happy to incorporate field trips and specialized distraction work for your pup!

Inquire About A Booking

Please Note: this program is not suitable for dogs with a history of behavior issues including (but not limited to) generalized anxiety, separation anxiety, dog-reactivity, human-reactivity, or other aggression.

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Finn is doing EXCELLENT! We’ve been really consistent with the commands and working with him and have seen an obvious shift in his behavior! We are so proud of him and so thankful for your guys’ help!


After he came back home from your camp we were basically only home for a week and then actually went on another trip but my cousin watched him for us and worked with him the whole time we were gone too. They have a pup around the same age as him at their house so he stayed with them and they worked with both Finn and his “cousin” Sam.


He’s been doing so great since being back home and we are just thrilled! Thank you again!

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