This 4 week class teaches you how to use an electronic training alongside your positive-reinforcement-based training program. Unlike traditional applications, we do NOT use pain, fear, or intimidation with this tool. We simply use is to provide additional tactile feedback to your pup to keep them on the right track! Learn how to improve: 


  • Name recognition/focus

  • Loose Lead Walking 

  • Recall Training 

  • Jumping 

  • Place 

  • Leave It 

Registration includes 4 weeks of class, supplemental material, and the Ecollar Technologies FE560 Finger Fob E-collar system (retails at $249.99!) 


REQUIREMENTS: Participants must have successfully completed our Basics 101 course or private training program to register. 


Lessons are offered on Wednesdays at 6:00pm at our facility in Sperryville. Our limited number of 4 participants is the ideal environment for a semi-private learning experience. 


Please review and familiarize yourself with our Policies before registering.